URAL Armoured Personnel Carrier features a specially designed chassis, and worldwide proven engine, powertrain and mechanical components. Permanent four-wheel drive, lockable central differential, independent front suspension with torsion bar, and rigid rear axle deliver ultimate off-road capabilities. Off-road tyres with run-flat system, high acceleration, and narrow turning radius make URAL Armoured Personnel Carrier ideal for any mission.


URAL Armoured Personnel Carrier, with a capacity of up to 9 people in the 5-door configuration, and up to 10 people in the 3-door configuration, carries the driver, commander and armed personnel to their mission in the most challenging conditions while providing comfort.


Universal Design

With a universal design, superior protection and excellent mobility, the URAL Armoured Personnel Carrier is offered in a variety of options to serve in multiple tasks and missions in line with customer demands. Optimized modular body construction design enables many configurations and assembly of various weapons/equipment required by diverse missions, offering a single platform for multiple operations.


Export of all armored vehicles subject to requirements of related governments' export licence regulations.